Testimonials - Berlin Conference 2014

Hello Nicolai, Thanks again for organizing this very interesting conference. It was again a perfect organi-zed and very productive for me.


The location and the service were excellent. See you next year.


Best regards Michael Hennes,

Grace Europe Holding GmbH

Good to meet you over the past two days and thank you for an excellent conference.


Kind regards, Ian Cottam, Cemex UK

Dear Nicolai, We like to thank you once more for the hospitality and organization of the conference.


Laddy Lewandowski

SeparationTechnologies STI.

Dear Nicolai, Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to present what we do.


Also, a big praise: It was all perfectly organised - and the dinner was really lovely. Let's stay in touch.


Astrid Onkelbach


Dear Nicolai, Since from the conference. I have been very busy and couldn't find time to send you

an e-mail. First of all the conference was very well organized and gave us a chance to meet the colleagues from the industry.


I wish I may attend in the following conferences. Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Best regards Mehmet Topeli,

Iskenderun Power

Dear Nicolai, Thank you for brilliant meeting.


It's here to see how you've managed to interconnect

so many interesting people and provide new opportunities for business cooperation.

That we appreciated.


Once again thank you for your work.


Best regards Roman and Hana;

ČEZ Energetické produkty, s.r.o.

Concerning the conference I have to say that I like the idea to gather so many people who are interested in CCP’s application.


That was the possibility to listen to considerations toward as new ways of usage so the existing problems (which mostly are the same not depen-ding on the country one lives).


Nevertheless, I hope all new acquaintances will be useful for my work and my company.


Olga Pashulya

D.TEK LLC, Ukraine

Dear Nicolai, First of all thank you for the opportunity to join you for the great conference.


Milan Vranes, ZAG International LLC

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