Fly Ash, Bottom Ash and Gypsum from coal/Biomass combustion or incineration plants are commercially traded commodities. With the transition in Europe towards more renewable energy supply, the need for traders, suppliers, users, shippers, brokers and haulers, to meet and exchange ideas related to logistics and find commercial arrangements become even more pronounced. Hence the ASHTRANS conference is intended as a platform for commercial meetings to exchange views and to meet with potential commercial partners to discuss deals or just to evaluate new possibilities.


The conference offers you the possibility to meet with people from all the various sides of the business, and where else can you meet so many of these that you want to meet in just two days’ time. That is why ASHTRANS is arranged to facilitate just that and concurrently offers presentations about market relevant issues and logistic solutions.


The conference is of commercial interest for producers and users of all byproducts from the energy industry. The same interest applies to traders of these products and those who engage in any kind of transportation and logistics solutions related to the products of interest.


The focus points on ASHTRANS are as before:

• New Products

• New Markets

• New forecasts

• New logistic solution

• New producers

• New users

• New brokers


The conference may also be relevant for certifying bodies, authorities and environmental interested parties, as well as deposition plant companies.

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The ASHTRANS Conference

Barcelona 2017

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